Each Wednesday night through the school year we have KIDZ 4 CHRIST and TEENZ 4 CHRIST youth ministries. I would like to introduce you to our awesome group of volunteers that will be working with your children and give you a brief description of what they do.


Club Coordinators

Club Coordinators


Our Club Coordinators are Shannon and Catrina Chester. They make sure everything runs smoothly and efficently. Our volunteer staff of over 40 leaders makes this ministry possible, but Shannon and Catrina's dedication makes it all come together.


Door Greeter

Laten 2020


Laten Strough is our official door greeter, but is always willing to jump in and do whatever is needed.

Parking Lot Attendants

(left to right) Mark Strough, Darin Dignan, Shannon Chester, David Smith and Joey Smith


This group of guys make sure that we maintain a safe and secure environment.

For your convenience, we have a drop off and pick up area for children so you don’t even have to get out of the vehicle. Of course, you are always welcome to come in if you would like. They will make sure your child gets safely from your vehicle into the building and back again.


Kitchen Staff

(left to right) Kristen Whitmore, Courtney Bland, Christy Skelton, Jamae Blankenship, Lynae Strough, Kathy Dignan, Rachelle Williams, Amy Ary and Natalie Battin  (not pictured Candace Curtis)


Each week Lynae and her crew prepare a meal for the youth and the leaders. The Teenz (6th-12th grade) begin eating at 5:30 and the Kidz (PreK-5th grade) begin eating at 5:45. Adults can eat any time between 5:30-6:00. 




Shannon and Miss Verna open up our playground for the Kidz from 5:30 to 5:45 each Wednesday night.(weather permitting)





Good News Stand


  Each week Kidz earn points for various things. They can save them up or once a month they can come see Courtney Bland at the Good News Stand and purchase items with their points.



(left to right)Verna Blankenship, Tamara McMellon and Marian Powers

 If you have little ones this is the class for them. These ladies teach the events from the Bible in a fun atmosphere. Using games, crafts and pictures, to make sure your child understands and remembers the lesson each night. 


Kindergarten- 1st grade

Club K 1st 

(left to right)Kristy Evans, Landon Chester and Christy Whiteley

This group helps lay a foundation in the Word of God. Using the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis.


2nd grade – 3rd grade


Club 2 3

(left to right) Layne Chester, Jaci Chester and Gloria Wood

This team helps to strengthen and build upon the Biblical foundation that has already been started. Taking the Kidz a little deeper into the scriptures.


4th grade – 5th grade

 4 5 Class                Lori 2020             

 (left to right) Courtney Bland, Carrie Pittman, Vanessa Armer and Lori Strough                                                                                       

 This group of ladies begins to build a Biblical framework upon the foundation that has been laid. Helping the Kidz to grow in their relationship with God.


Kidz Closing


 Kidz Opening and Closing


At the end of each night all of the Kidz classes come together for a closing with Joey and Corrie Smith. They sing songs, pray, review the lesson from that night, celebrate birthdays and many other fun things.






6th grade- 9th grade



In a society that teaches youth to think secularly, John and Krista Beck challenge these young minds to think from a Biblical viewpoint.   

10th grade- 12th grade

2021-2022 Teen Leaders 


 Becky Kelley, Austin and Lexie Fleetwood, and Tyler and MaKenzie Brown make sure these young men and women have a faith that is strong and is based in the strength of God’s Word. Helping them to seek God’s will for their lives as they start to have to make important life decisions for themselves.